The Predictor Of Increasing Housing Prices In The Years To Come

The Predictor Of Increasing Housing Prices In The Years To Come

The upward trend in the housing prices is continuing in the greater kind of trend from the long time now. The houses have been the best opportunities for the investors in this area and will prove to be the continuous ones as well. The statistics have shown that the recent trend of growing prices will continue like this by the year 2018 as well. The trend is going to be stable for the four years to come and the prices of residential houses will increase by around 30% or more in these years. The current statistics are shown in accordance to the Savills predictions.

The future trends

The residential researcher of UK , Cook at Savills have explained that the researchers are predicting the prices to go higher by 17% only in the next three years to come and the trend is about to continue for sure as well. some of the analysis’s are worried about the fact that a house bubble might erupt like the one in the previous years, but the statistic saver shown it to be unlikely as the rising trends have surely proven the vice versa.

The recent figures released by Halifax suggested that the housing prices were soaring and in the matter of only three months the prices soared by 1.6 percent for the buyers and sellers both. This was the highest trend ever recorded in this kind of minor frame.

However, according to Ayre, the managing director of the agency named home buying agency has exclaimed that the high going trend is strictly following the statistics there is another happening that is being noticed in the trend. The trend has seen to be going in the little downwards direction. The slowdown in the quarterly base might have many reasons associated with it.

The news has been flooding with the rumors of bubbles. The people might start believing in the rumors and might not indulge in the property investment that might get off the record. Thus, the people are thinking overly before investing in the housing, which might have given rise to the recent slight downfall in the trend.

The growth rate

The estate agents at Hatched co have stated that the housing prices are bound to go in the upward direction by 7% and will surely double by end of the year in Wales, England the southern sides. The government policies that have suited well for the buyers as they can talk housing loans and can let them have their own place by taking lesser risks. The stable economies and the greatest reforming environment in the area is the most beneficial for the rising trend of property. The government has asked the builders to have as many houses as 240,000 in the year 2014. The recent demands of housing facilities will surely increase the trend in the housing prices and will be opportunity that is more liable for the people in the country and out as well to look for the opportunities to invest in.