Criteria for Assessing SRI Bond Funds

    Making Your Money Greener

    Investors try to balance their portfolios with bonds to generate reliable income as well as to create a hedge against the volatility of stocks and commodities. For the socially-minded investor, this also means making important investment decisions based on objectives that include a set of values.

    Socially-responsible investors (SRIs) want their returns to be greener not only in a monetary sense but also in terms of making the world greener and safer for future generations. Read more

    How Not To Fall To Investment Scams

    How Not To Fall To Investment Scams

    Nowadays, the world is so complicated that many people get greedy and are lured to wrong investments. They fall prey to investment scams. This won’t only occur in the Philippines but in any country across the world at the same time. So how do you know whether you’re putting your money in a legitimate business rather than a bogus one? Here are the ways:

    Most business scams promise high rates of interest on investments within a short period of time. Read more