Silvers 9-9-9 Plan

No, we are not endorsing Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan. (Not endorsing anybody actually).

We are however touting what we believe is the best strategy on how to invest in silver. Here is what we mean

The 9-9-9 Silver Plan is designed to let you know when to buy and when to sell silver. I suppose you can apply the plan to gold as well, however we are silver bulls.

The first 9 is a BUY: Decide how much you are going to invest. Take that amount and divide it over 9 weeks. For example; lets say you decided to invest $3,000 into silver. Divide that amount by 9 (9 weeks) and that equals $333 per week. Now, every week for the following 9 weeks you will invest $333 into buying Silver. You will have accumulated silver bullion at varying price levels.

The second 9 is a HOLD: Now that you have invested your $3,000, you have a cost average price of your silver purchases over 9 weeks. This 9 hold is for a minimum period of 9 months. Now that doesnt necessarily mean that you will start to sell (see below), it means that at that 9 month interval it is time to prepare to begin selling IF the market is in your favor. Therefore, only begin to sell as per the specifics of the next 9 below. You may have to wait an additional period of time if the market is not in your favor.

The third 9 is your Selling philosophy: Just like you bought over the 9 week time frame, you will be selling over a 9 week time frame as well. Before you start to sell, you must determine what percentage increase you want to for your first sell.

For example; lets say you bought silver (as per the 9 Buy Plan) and your cost average for your silver is $35 an oz. and you have a total of 85 ounces of silver. Lets say you want to get a 25% profit to start. Therefore $35/oz times 25% = $8.75. That means you will begin to sell at $43.75 ($35+8.75 = $43.75). At that point you will also divide your 85 ounces by 9 which equals about 9 ounces.

Therefore, when Silver hits $43.75/oz. you will sell 9 ounces. Then, you establish a new percentage increase over the initial amount. I recommend another 5% to 10%. When it hits that threshold you sell your next group and so on and so forth until you sell all 9 groups.

The one thing to keep in mind however is that if the market is declining after your first or second sell group, you must wait until the correction is over.

By following the Silver 9-9-9 Plan you should be able to see a nice profit based on the levels you select.

I wonder if the Silver 9-9-9 Plan will fare better than the candidate Herman Cain 9-9-9 Plan. Only time MAY tell.