Retirement Tips For Baby Boomers

Retirement Tips For Baby Boomers

Before you or anyone chooses take that final step out of the workplace one needs to plan, plan and plan some more. I would start my final planning about 1 year before retirement. Im going to list a few retirement tips for Baby Boomers, because as we get older we tend to overlook some important financial advantages we may have. Believe me when I saytake advantage of every retirement program that will better your income and life after retirement.

1.The first thing I would do is to talk with a professional retirement planner. He or she will be able to break down all of you assets and future earnings and plug these numbers in to a program that will tell you who much money youll receive for retirement. After looking at your budget the planner can figure out how much money youll need for retirement. Put all this together and you will be able to see how many years your retirement money will last. This is only if you have IRAs and 401 Ks. If you are lucky enough to have a union or government pension your monthly stipend should not change, only for COLA.

2.There is another area in your planning that will need a professional to help you out with is, your investment portfolio. When you are retired youll want to get the most money each month. So youll have to look over your stocks and bonds. Diversify where you can. You never want to have all your eggs in one basket. Also, while youre still working and you have income property, it would be a good idea to have a look at the property values and what it would take to get a second mortgage on some of the property. This would be another way to increase monthly income. But you must do this before you retire because the banks will want to see that you have sound employment before granting a loan.

3. Another good tip is try to have liquid assets available if you need them, you should have a cash reserve built up, 3 to 6 months worth should do. This fund is a just in case fund.

4.Health, sometimes even the smartest people overlook their health. If you need anything done like dental work, new glasses, cosmetic work or any costly medical work, get them done before you retire. Because Med a Care will not cover dental or vision. So get as much done before retirement when you still have good medical coverage.

5.Social Security, if you want your Social Security benefits to start on your 65th birthday you must fill out an application for retirement. You should apply for benefits no more than four months before the date you want your benefits to start. To get the application go on line to the Social Security web site, print out the application and fill it out. Then make an appointment with your local Social Security office. You will need you to bring the following with the filled out application, your Social Security card, your original birth certificate or other proof of birth, a copy of yourU.S. military service discharge paper DD 214, and a copy of your W-2 form.

6.Now, for the last tip I have for you. If youre in good health and dont want to retire when your 65, then dont. Keep on working; as a matter of fact you can keep working until your 70. Now if you choose to retire at age 70 youll receive $9804.00 more a year than if you retired at age 65. Think of this way, thats another $817.00 per month that you would have never gotten if you retired at age 65.

In this article I have tried point out a few things that may help when you retire. Thank you for reading. If you ever need help with debt or retirement go to this site .