New Mobile Trading App Launched By Iforex Opens Tremendous Opportunities

New Mobile Trading App Launched By Iforex Opens Tremendous Opportunities

The new iOS trading app created by iForex offers exciting possibilities for beginner and expert traders.

iForex, one of the largest financial service providers in the world, has introduced an exclusive iOS mobile trading app. It enables traders to access their accounts anywhere and anytime and to trade various markets on mobile including indices, commodities and more than 80 currency pairs. This is an exciting opportunity for any trader who wants to stay ahead of the market. The app offers not just valuable information, but fully customized trading tools that are designed especially to fit the needs of smartphone users.

A constant flow of data and a quick response can be vital for successful trading. In an industry where tiny changes could mean significant profits, many people remain in front of their computers for hours, concerned that a moments distraction can result in a missed chance. Thanks to the iForex app, traders can now remain updated and active around the clock and can follow and respond to global changes in real-time. They can keep an eye on rates, equity, balance and history, and identify trading opportunities as they arise.

iForex is famous worldwide for its web and desktop platforms, and it has gone to great length to ensure that its mobile platform will surpass expectations. The result is a premium interface that manages to be extremely user-friendly, in so ensuring that both experienced and novice traders will be able to enjoy its benefits.

Focusing on Apple mobile users, the newly-created trading app aims at optimizing users experience and allowing them to trade in the most convenient manners. On top of the intriguing features, smartphone users have access to advanced trading tools and a variety of educational resources. Even people with no trading experience can learn how to trade with the help of PDF guides, personal training and demo accounts.

Mobile traders at iForex can benefit from a customizable leverage of up to 400:1, tight fixed spreads and they receive excellent trading conditions and nothing but the very best service. Thanks to guaranteed stop-loss and full margin usage, customers have extensive control over their accounts and orders can be executed in a single click. The site offers hedging capabilities and cash back and has no commissions or fees. It uses only secure payment methods and thanks to the negative balance protection, so traders can never lose more than they choose to invest.

Another outstanding feature of the trading app is the use of gestures. A simple touch or swipe is sufficient to open or close a deal and the result is a quicker, smoother and easier trading process. Advanced trading signals and charts make this app an ultimate source of information and it delivers updates and news.

The iForex group has already released a trading app for Android phones which was immensely successful and was quickly downloaded by tens of thousands of users. The new iOS version 1.41 can be found on both the App Store and Google Play and it supports a long list of languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Japanese, Polish, Tagalog, Malay and Magyar.

This iOS trading app is the perfect solution for iPhone users that want to maximize their chances to succeed. It gives traders an added edge by providing them with full accessibility, incredible tools and real-time information and it is undoubtedly the next generation of modern trading.