Interview With The Marketing Director Of Karamway

Interview With The Marketing Director Of Karamway

Today I would like to publish an interview with a really special company called KARAMWAY. Its also a good choice for diversifying an investment portfolio for online investors that are ready to deposit more than $100 in KARAMWAY.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers and give us a brief introduction about your company and what position you occupy in KARAMWAY.

Hello, Im Naji Omran, Marketing Director of KARAMWAY. Our company gives our clients a chance to experience automated Forex trading by opening a managed Investment account with KARAMWAY. It is probably that some of us always wanted as they heard about the money one can make on Forex, but feared they lack knowledge, experience or time.

2. Could you tell us more about your experience and involvement in investment projects? How did you come up with an idea of launching KARAMWAY?

Id been working for quite a long time for IT company in Marketing, but I met Adnan Shukri, who is now the Director KARAMWAY, and he shared his ideas of combining IT technologies, Forex trading strategies and market analysis in the way the company and its clients can benefit the most.

3. How many people are actually employed by your company? Please tell about the traders and previous experience they have in Forex trading. Currently we have 32 employees working in different capacities. As our business involves automated Forex trading, we have 9 technical and software specialists to maintain our trading system and 12 professionals in market analysis, fund management and Forex trading. All of them have 5 and more years of experience in their particular sphere. In this way, our company combines IT and human resources, math analysis and trading experience, to achieve the best possible results.

4. You stated on your site that all the trading activities can be easily monitored by an investor. Can you share with us the details of how this can actually be done?

Our companys statement that we are totally transparent is not just words. We show our trading results live. Every KARAMWAY client can login to his/her account to find all information about the daily profits and losses in real time. At the course of our trading session all our profits and losses are summed up and make the final result of the trading day which can be found in main section on our website. This result is the basis for calculation of actual daily profit our clients will receive to their KARAMWAY accounts.

5. What investment plans can KARAMWAY offer to online investors? What is the minimum and the maximum to deposit in such plans?

Actually we offer only one investment plan, we offer up to 10% monthly profit, and the minimum for investing is 100 USD and there is no maximum. I would also like to note that when you deposit funds to your KARAMWAY account it does not mean you have to invest the whole amount into one plan. You can open several plans, select different dates.

6. Is compounding allowed in KARAMWAY? Can one withdraw the principal before the investment term matures? Could you tell us more about combining the investment plans as it seems quite a unique feature to me?

There is no compounding allowed. Profits are paid daily and our clients can accumulate them on their Current Account and open a new investment plan. Then we provide an opportunity to combine it with the initial investment. That is the main point of combining: it is an option for reinvestment and earning more and also as I said above it can become a tool for stepping into a higher level of investing when several initial investments are integrated into one. Yes, it is a unique feature and we have developed it to give our clients more freedom in taking investment and reinvestment decisions.

As for the withdrawal of principal investment, the minimum investment period is one month, after that they can withdraw the principal amount at anytime.

7. What payment methods do you currently accept? Do you have any plans to add more payment methods in the near future?

At present, we accept Bank wire transfer, PayPal, Western Union and Money Gram, as they are mostly used by our clients. We are open to the idea of adding more payment methods, but before that we have to make our marketing research and investigate technical and administrative issues. So, I guess, it is not the matter of immediate future.

8. What is the advertising strategy KARAMWAY follows and where do you prefer to advertise your company in order to make it easily recognized among potential investors?

As our business is Internet-based, we use this environment for our advertising and promotional activities. We care a lot about the quality of Internet resources we advertise at, however, Internet is free and we cannot monitor all who use our name for different purposes.

9. In your opinion what distinctly differentiates KARAMWAY from similar companies that also claim to be trading on Forex?

There are too many obvious things as well as some things that become clear only when the investor comes and trades with us. These obvious things include:

Our transparency. Those who just claim they are trading usually say they have some insider information or secret trading strategy but do not show any proof so investors just have to trust their words. Our clients trust is not based on words but on the fact they can monitor through all the process we trade and make our profits.

Substantial freedom in decision-making. We allow our clients to choose the investments plans.

No loss guarantee. We guarantee all losses from possible negative trading results will be covered by KARAMWAY so our clients investments remain full in amount and safe.

10. What would you like to say to potential investors to make them think about joining KARAMWAY? What would be your message to all online investors?

My message would be: KARAMWAY really is a new level in managed Forex trading due to its transparency and guarantees. Besides, our company is for those who think, because investors profits depend on our companys trading results as well as their own decisions and strategy they use in investing. On one hand, we make Forex trading easy, because we manage our clients accounts, make Forex orders and take the losses; on the other hand, our clients can develop their own strategy within their managed Forex account to make above average profits.

11. What is your honest opinion about my blog? Do you think it provides the necessary information for an online investor to make some reasonable investment decisions?

Nowadays information is what rules the world. Reliable information is the basis for reasonable investment decisions. Your blog is one of few Internet resources providing information for investors in a unique and trustworthy way. It is far more informative and professional than many others, as well. Thank you for your questions. Hope this information will help your website visitors to take right decisions.

I also hope that the info given by Naji will help you form an unbiased view of KARAMWAY and help you decide if you want to be a part of this company. I myself will do my best to provide you with the news and updates from KARAMWAY on a regular basis and I hope KARAMWAY will become a program which we can trust and plan our investments for the long haul.