High Dividend Stocks In Israel – General Stocks Market Analysis For This Week

High Dividend Stocks In Israel - General Stocks Market Analysis For This Week

Tel Aviv (TASE) an Israeli Stock Market Exchange was on a gain since past some time. Tel Aviv Major stock index TA 25 performed well in recent past reaching all time high of 1,377.79 on 2nd of Dec 13 and running on 1,324.30 currently. Another major stock market index of Israel seems having good time too as it was also running on 1,194 with overall 0.48% growth in all the stocks. Right Now its seeming a good time for an investor to buy stocks and expect some good returns as dividends as market is also responding positively. Right Now All the Stock Indices are going pretty fine whether its TA 75, TA Midcap or Blue Tech 50. For you guys my personal advice would be buy Stocks now and sell even higher and this is the only way you can earn fast money as an alternate of earning dividends from high dividend paying stocks in Israel Stock Market.

Top Gainers for TA 25:

Opko Health with 2.21% change

Cellcom with 1.19% change

ICL with 1.20% change

Perrigo with 1.16% change

Israel Corp with 1.10% change

Top Gainers for TA 100:

Ezchip with 4.05% change

Clal Biotech with 3.86% change

Tower with 3.77% change

Gilat with 3.31% change

Allot Communi with 3.32% change

You can see there is bigger change in stocks prices for TA 1oo index and that is because TA 10 contains another 75 companies that might be not big as TA 25 contains but there are more chances to grow money in such companies. Usually Every Stocks listed in Tel Aviv gives you dividend returns after every 4 or 6 month till you hold the ownerships for particular stocks. So in my view its a good thing to do in Israeli stock Market identifying stocks which pays best dividend or if not best, pays high dividend in the end. I am telling you some of the stocks which gives best dividends in Israel.

Perrigo Co

Israel Corp Ltd/The

Bank Leumi Le-Israel BM

Israel Discount Bank Ltd

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Bezeq the Israeli Telecommunication Corp Ltd

Partner Communications Co Ltd

Delek Group Ltd

Amot Investments Ltd

Africa Israel Properties Ltd

Alrov Properties and Lodgings Ltd

There are many more which provides high dividend yield but one thing you should understand. If you are new in investment world then always consult with an investment professional before making any decision. An investment professional like broker will be the right guy to guide you better. This is necessary because sometimes investors choose fraud companies just because they promise to give great dividends or they choose such stocks which perform quite badly so they wont give any dividends to their shareholders too in Israel. Just a simple advice for you and that is Dont Lose your Mind for Great or high Dividends Providing Stocks as it may be a way to attract investors also in Israel.

Resource Bio: Author likes to write article on dividend stocks in Israel and this article was based on High Dividend Equity securities .