Deng Puxi Scored The Fastest Goal In The World Cup, With Only 29 Seconds

Deng Puxi Scored The Fastest Goal In The World Cup, With Only 29 Seconds

The World Cup group G match ended the first round games. In a game the previous end, Germany 4-0 victory over Portugal, Muller hat trick; since the 2-1’s Garner, Brooks winner substitute, Deng Puxi scored the fastest goal in the world cup, with only 29 seconds. However, these games also let two team paid dearly, Portuguese forward Almeida and guard Fabio Coentrao with a hamstring injury, the team’s main striker Abedi Dore was also injured in advance. The two games in group G’s wonderful, but a different team has been a different fate. Portugal today is doomed to tragedy. They

not only with the score 0-4 defeat to Germany, but also pay a two wound a red price, the next group match the team main force guard Pepe will be absent ironclad, previously have reported that FIFA will also be an additional punishment Pepe, the Portuguese could face a suspended for three games. This also means that once the

Portuguese team can’t win, then Pepe will farewell ahead of the world cup. Worse than this, Portugal game also lost another two generals Almeida and Fabio Coentrao, as the main striker and the main defender of two people on the team plays an irreplaceable role. Almeida in the World Cup qualifier performance impressive, Fabio Coentrao is C Luo in the best left. But now this two people suffer injuries, the Portuguese is undoubtedly worse, the group difficulty spurt. After the game according to the

Portuguese team doctor said that two people will be out for at least 10 days. The next group match against Portugal will be the United States, once can’t win, Portugal will farewell ahead of the world cup, Amelda and Fabio Coentrao will also regret to the end of the world cup tour. And Portugal, the United States in the matches against Garner, also paid a painful price. Klinsmann is most proud of the main striker Abedi Dore to leave the injured. In the game just began 20 minutes, Abedi Dore in a running inadvertently a hamstring strain, was carried off on a stretcher. From the point of

view of Americans suffering, he should not appear in the next game against portugal. As for the game can play, all are still unknown, but for Abedi Dore, only 20 minutes from the World Cup debut really regret. G group is the German team at the first, C Luo’s Portugal was the first defeat evil group at the bottom, the United States and Garner in two or three. After the game is crucial to every team, the German group should have little problem, the other three teams will start Sike, but for Portugal and the United States currently has a combat attrition speaking, after the game will be very difficult. (AI)