A Retirement Business

A Retirement Business

When you plan to retire you have to decide what are your needs and your liabilities and how is your and your Spouses health. Take a look at your funds in Cash, Shares, Mutual Funds, Fixed deposits, Insurance receivable and provident fund etc. Calculate both assets asnd liabilities and Health and your spouse’s health needs. Do your son will look after you when you or your spouse needs their help. If you are financially OK then you need to keep youself physically active.

Go to a Walk in the morning and have light exercises. You both need to go together for a walk. If you are staying alone you both will get some exercise doing Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Shoping and Buying will add to your exercises. If your son is staying with you then lot of household activities will get reduced. Instead you will get additional work of helping your grand children with studies as well as play and look after them.

You have to decide how you will keep fit by keeping busy with activities. In todays world most of the men have knowledge of computors. This helps keeping track of finances .Besides you nedd to keep meeting freinds, relatives, social clubs and there are other computor games, movies etc. keeps you busy. Some of the activities will help earn some money also. These are Buy or sell Shares, Internet Marketing, Article writing etc.

One of the activity I suggest is Share Trading. As stated you should go for some small courses to get familarised.

Initialy dont spend more money..

This amount to be broken in ten parts one to purchase one scrip.

For each scrip decide stop loss and sell when this stop loss is trigered.. For these ten scripes when purchasing you decide the Target.When you reach the target sell the scrip..

Look through Financial news papers/ some Banks as well as share brokers send you recomendations. However dont purchase on roumers.

Once you get familarised, you purchase two scrips in larger quntities and hold for a week or two and when you see a profit sell the same. This way you may earn more.

There are now day trading also becoming popular. There are softwere available in the market which tells you which scribs to buy and when to sell in the live market during trading hours.. This way you may gain more.

This way you earn some money, keep you mentaly agile and lookafter the Health also