Retirement Tips For Baby Boomers

Retirement Tips For Baby Boomers

Before you or anyone chooses take that final step out of the workplace one needs to plan, plan and plan some more. I would start my final planning about 1 year before retirement. Im going to list a few retirement tips for Baby Boomers, because as we get older we tend to overlook some important financial advantages we may have. Believe me when I saytake advantage of every retirement program that will better your income and life after retirement.

1.The first thing I would do is to talk with a professional retirement planner. Read more

Are Gold And Silver Wise Investments For 2012

Are Gold And Silver Wise Investments For 2012

Investing in gold and silver;

If you’re considering buying gold and silver for the first time you may be wondering about the best ways to invest and whether or not now is the right time to buy.

Whilst many investors are proclaiming that gold is in a bubble, (after all, it has been rising steadily over the past decade, surely it must be due to pop) others claim that investing a minimum of 10% of your portfolio into precious metals is a sensible safety precaution to take in the current economic climate of endless money printing.

What are the common thoughts that most precious metals investors share;

The fact that rising prices due to inflation will erode the value of their hard-earned savings.

That gold and silver is real money unlike its fiat (paper) counterpart.

That gold is a store of wealth; its price has risen steadily at the same pace as inflation.

That the current financial system based around debt and money printing may be close to breaking point, and should it collapse will result in eventual devaluation of paper currencies and a severe reduction in consumer purchasing power.

That if precious metals look expensive now, they will almost certainly become out of reach to the average investor should there be a financial collapse and large funds looking for a safe haven move their assets into gold and silver causing a huge price spike.

If you are considering moving some of your assets into precious metals or simply want to start saving in gold and silver, two popular options include:

Buying gold and silver coins or bullion bars for home storage;

Physical gold and silver bullion either in the form of widely recognized gold and silver coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle or Austrian Philharmonic, or recognized bullion bars such as Johnson Matthey or Credit Suisse are popular choices. Read more

The Overseas Property Opportunities In The Years To Come

The Overseas Property Opportunities In The Years To Come

The sector of UK has developed a lot in the act years. The Overseas Property Investments have increased many folds in the recent years. The reports by Cushman and Wakefield have state that the loans in the area have hit the barrier of 98 percent which are much higher than the past years, the CRE that is estimated in this kind of commercial real estate is about to reach a target of 50 billion pounds that was never expected before.

However, with the rising technology and interest in the property the number has risen well in the recent past. Read more

Gold Investing for the Novice: Decoding the Jargon and Answering Your FAQS

Gold Investing for the Novice: Decoding the Jargon and Answering Your FAQS


    If you want to wring more yield from your investments, gold (or any bullion product) is a must for your portfolio because gold is a liquid asset that can be universally exchanged for cash no matter where you go or what you do.

    As the dollar continues to depreciate in value, experts predict that more and more investors will turn to gold as a hedge against inflation and to increase their purchasing power.

    In this guide to gold investing for the novice, we’ve interviewed two industry experts to get you the help you need to understand the jargon and find answers to your questions.

    Ask the Expert: Gold FAQs

    If you are considering investing in gold , you probably have lots of questions about the legality of it or what types of products are available. Read more